Guernsey Heritage Festival Tours

Especially designed for Guernsey’s annual Heritage Festival in 2020. Choose from a cycle tour following the story of the occupation railway, a unique kayak trip in Herm visiting the silver mine and the Puffins and an amazing fully immersive visit to the world famous Gouliot Caves in Sark

The Occupation Rail Trail:
This cycle tour explores the route and the story of the railway built during the occupation of Guernsey during WWII. Cycling from L’Ancresse to L’Eree, you will visit sites where evidence of the railway can still be seen, giving a fascinating glimpse into Guernsey’s turbulent past and the huge changes the occupation brought to Guernsey’s story.
The tour will last approx 3 hours.



18 APR: 13:00-16:00
23 MAY: 13:00-16:00
7 JUN: 13:00-16:00
8 JUL: 13:00-16:00
4 AUG: 13:00-16:00
4 SEP: 13:00-16:00



Puffins & Silver Mines By Kayak:

An unusual tour by kayak from Herm Harbour making a visit to the fascinating lower workings of the 19th century Herm silver mine accessible at low tide. Returning to the kayaks, Outdoor Guernsey will take you on a trip up the east coast rich in wildlife including Herm’s iconic puffins. The trip finishes at Shell Beach so you can enjoy exploring the rest of Herm Island at your leisure.



31 MAY: 09:00-11:00
14 JUN: 09:00-11:00
30 JUN: 09:00-11:00



Exploring the Gouliot Caves – SARK:
The Gouliot Caves are a unique internationally important and protected marine environment. On certain tides of the year with expert guides and the right equipment it is possible to visit this incredible cave system and learn what makes it so special. Join Adventure Sark’s coasteering guides for a safe and completely unique experience. All safety equipment is supplied. This includes wetsuits as the trip will involve entering the water and some swimming. Approx 2.5 hours


8 MAY: 12:00-15:00
21 AUG: 13:00-16:00





Occupation Rail Trail:
£25.00 per person.
Puffins & Silver Mines By Kayak: £35.00 per person.
Exploring Gouliot Caves (SARK): £35.00 per person.


Guernsey, Herm & Sark.



Occupation Rail Trail: Comfortable clothes for cycling.

Puffins & Silver Mines By Kayak: Clothes appropriate for kayaking. Trainers are recommended footwear as we will be leaving the kayaks at some point and walking over rocks, slippery seaweed and rough terrain.

Exploring Gouliot Caves  (SARK): We supply all specialist equipment for this activity including wetsuits, helmets and bouyancy aids.


In the event of unsuitable weather we will arrange another suitable date.


Please contact us to book.

Guernsey Heritage Festival Outdoor Guernsey Tours