Staycation Specials

We have put together some amazing local experiences for those of you wanting to Explore our wonderful islands home during this unusual year. Check out the unique offers below & start planning your adventures!

Creux Mahie cave tour

We will descend deep into Guernsey's underworld to explore the legends and myths (or are they!) of Guernsey's largest cave. Are you brave enough to squeeze into the inner chambers? Warning: Steep descents and climbs, darkness and scrambles over rough terrain.

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Explore the Gouliot Caves in Sark

Accessible on very low tides. Experience the amazing Jewel cave and the incredible and unique environment of the Gouliot caves. Wetsuits and helmets are compulsory as we delve deep into the of this network of subterranean chambers. Dates: 21, 22, 23 August at 2pm £45 per adult £35 per child,

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Prosperity wreck tour

Kayak out from Perelle on a very low tide to see the Prosperity wreck site and hear the full tragic story of what happened to the ship and her crew on the night of 16 January 1974. If conditions allow we will land on the reef and explore the extensive site on foot. Dates 19th (now full) and 20th September £35 per adult £30 per child

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Coasteering the Peastacks

Arguably the most iconic coastal location on the South coast. A legendary coasteering spot full of jumps and colossal granite artforms that will take your breath away. We will be running these trips from August onwards. £35 per adult £30 per child

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Herm Humps seal patrol and Herm Circumnavigation

The Humps are a unique Island archipelago just north of Herm. Teeming with wildlife they can be carefully visited by kayak on only a few suitable tides. The Herm circumnavigation is a unique opportunity to kayak all the way around Herm and maybe even visit the silver mine! Both tours last around 2 hours and start from Shell Beach at times to fit in with the tides £45 per person £30 under 14

Herm Circumnavigation 2020

Sat 12th 10:00
Sun 13th 11:45
Mon 14th 13:00
Tue 15th 14:00
Sun 27th 12:30
Herm Humps seal patrol
Tue 8th 12:30
Wed 9th 13:00
Thu 10th 13:45
Fri 11th 14:45
Tue 22nd 12:30
Wed 23rd 13:30
Thu 24th 14:15

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